Why bother?


Workforces are changing beyond recognition. Older boomers are retiring and taking their cultural outlooks with them. Everyone else is hanging on to jobs wherever they can. Generation Y are knocking on the door – and they have very different attitudes and expectations.

For people in the West, badly bruised by the crunch, there’s a growing need for fulfilment. Without it, material striving just feels hollow. Values are coming to the fore. There’s an emerging global consciousness and a distrust of institutions which aren’t constructive, open and transparent. And increasingly, people want the world to be a better place. Many employees today have less than complete enthusiasm for their work. Even the best organisations are struggling to fully engage their workforce.

Which leads to a new urgency in finding ways to retain and engage talented people. Most employees are good people who believe in values like fairness and justice. But how are you going to transform their levels of engagement?

We work with organisations to tap into people’s better nature as a way to increase their engagement AND improve the world around them.


We work with very different clients, but they tend to have the following things in common:

They are looking for commercial success, but also something deeper.

They genuinely want to be good employers.

They know that if they could only engage their workforce, they would be capable of far better performance.

Our working partnership is most likely to be successful if you prepared to think beyond conventional approaches in trying to get the best out of your people.


Every project is tailored to your individual needs and to your people, but you can expect:

  • The emergence of highly-motivated individuals and teams.
  • One or more strongly-supported commercial initiatives.
  • One or more strongly-supported initiatives which are less obviously commercial in nature, but which will boost employee engagement and may strengthen your brand.
  • A clarification of your organisation’s actual values.
  • A bridge between your organisation’s values and the values of your people.


In addition to the materials on this site, here are some further services for executives and senior managers in organisations:

Set the room buzzing: Speaking engagements, to provoke new thought. If you are looking for engaging and stimulating speakers for your next event, then contact us at the email address below.

Create a buzz: Make a Difference leadership programmes to boost your team’s contribution. Teams operate below par unless they have clear roles, an inspiring vision and an open, trusting culture. Our leadership programmes take you way beyond the usual goal-setting exercises. We tap into people’s deep (and often dormant) desires to make a difference, and help you harness those desires for everyone’s mutual good.

Starting a buzz: Retreats, to take deep stock of your purpose. Free up two days from your schedule with your key executives to build more meaning, more contribution and more fulfilment into your life and your organisation.

Tapping the buzz: Coaching for individuals, to help them create their living legacy. If you want to re-energise your executives and their commitment to the organisation, then we offer a confidential one-to-one coaching service. We explore ways of taking them to the next level of passion and engagement; to build a bridge between what they really care about and what your organisation needs.

If you’d like to read further: check out the book on which it’s all based, or read the concise guides in Theory in Practice for people in large or small organisations who want to make a difference there.  

And if you’d like to find out more, and see how we might tailor something to suit your organisation, just email us at tim@thedraketeam.net stating your details and area of interest.


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