The Book

How to make a differenceThis site is based on the book How to Make a Difference by Tim Drake.

In it, he shows you how to discover your purpose in life and change things for the better. Most of us want to make a positive difference to the lives our our fellow human beings, but we’re not entirely sure how to go about it.

The book outlines the Make A Difference Mindset –  an action plan to make us more effective at making a difference within out chosen domain. It offers us a voyage with a clear goal at its end. The Mindset creates an unshakeable inner confidence so that each individual can change things for the better.

“This is one of those great books which requires a notebook and pencil to read – as every chapter triggers important thoughts and actions you have to note down. A practical guide to define your values and motivations which will empower you to make a real difference. And highly relevant to your business. My copy of this great book has notes in every margin and is also an important reference book for Sweaty Betty’s life coach, John. He swears by it, and uses it in all his sessions with our senior team.” Simon Hill Norton, Founder and CEO, Sweaty Betty.

“Tim Drake has written an inspirational and practical book of benefit to anyone wishing to make the most of their lives by serving others. His reach is impressive, weaving social observations, management theory, self-help and humanist literature into a compelling call to action.” Chris Middleton, Managing Director, Sociovision Ltd

“As parents and occasional mentors many of us hope that those we care about will bump into or meet someone as challenging, inspiring and truthful as Tim Drake to alert them to their true potential. We need wait no longer. Give these uncertain people Tim’s book. It is lucid, principled, rich in wisdom and anecdote.” Mark Goyder, Founder and Director, Tomorrow’s Company

“I absolutely loved this book. Challenging, honest, inspiring and practical. This is more than a good read. It could change your life.” Dr Tan Chi Chiu, Vice Chairman, Make a Wish Foundation, and former Chairman, Raleigh International, Singapore

“This book is challenging and inspirational. A must read. It will give significant support to those in the voluntary sector looking to focus on the most effective way to help others and make a difference. It covers the planning and the delivery, both of which are vital.” David Jamieson, Chair of the Independent Monitoring Board, Her Majesty’s Prison Wandsworth

“An inspiring and practical book to help you weave past all the negatives trying to prevent you making a difference.” Peter Duncan, Actor and Chief Scout



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