My Stimulus

Are you not yet clear about what sort of difference you want to make? Then let’s begin by finding a seed with the potential to become something much larger. We’re going to encourage you to identify your stimulus.

A stimulus is any situation or fact or anecdote which stirs you into wanting to act. The stimulus can sometimes provide your purpose.

  • Having someone close to you die can be the stimulus to raise funds to help prevent similar deaths, or to channel the compassion created by the tragedy into some new, life- enhancing project.
  • Seeing pictures of a natural disaster like an earthquake or a tsunami can stir your compassion with an intensity that makes you feel that you have to do something positive as a human being to help the situation.
  • Or seeing wasteful destruction of wildlife, or environments, may stir your anger, so you feel an urgent need to do something to improve the situation.

Find a situation which you feel is unresolved, and which stirs you. Maybe you’re angry, or upset, or saddened. You have to find some sort of resonant compassion within yourself. If you’re not stirred, look elsewhere. If you’re struggling, try reading Jessica Williams’ book “50 Facts that Should Change the World. Then, just have a go. Click here to return to the Living Legacy.


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