My Concept

It’s time to engage the outside world. It’s all very well having the desire to make a difference, but the next challenge is to share what’s in your heart and what’s in your head. You need a vehicle for your ideas, and that’s where having a concept comes in.

The way to start is by writing down your purpose, and then to write down your best idea for tackling the problem. So for example:

  • My purpose is to help others who are suffering from the same disease that my sister had… … so I will set up a charity to help them.
  • My purpose is to make the company I work for more environmentally friendly… … so I will put together a ‘green committee’ in my workplace.
  • My purpose is to help bored local kids…
    … so I will hire a musical venue and help them form bands, choirs or rap groups.

And then just turn it round:

  • I’ll set up a charity to help other people with such-and-such a disease.
  • I’ll form a ‘green committee’ at work to find ways of making the organisation more sustainable.
  • I’ll provide musical opportunities for local kids who need more creative outlets for their energies.This can be easy, or it can be hard. Some concepts are fairly self-evident, but others demand profound reflection – coupled with some imagination – to provide a solution. You may want to look for radical, innovative concepts that will create sufficient new value to change things. Or you may decide to work with existing charities or organisations working towards the same purpose.
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