Your first attempt to articulate your purpose is unlikely to be your last.

If you are lucky, you will have a burning clarity that dominates your thinking and feelings from early on in the process of deciding how you’ll make a difference.

If, like the rest of us, your purpose is slow to reveal itself, it is likely that it will develop and change over time.

Its scope may also change according to what happens in your life. Today it may be limited to making to a difference to those around you. Next year to saving the planet. Or vice versa.

Here are some examples of purpose that may help to crystallise your thinking:

To help others to learn

To help others to feed themselves

To help others to read and write

To bring laughter into people’s lives

To take your game or sport to a new level

To build a new business paradigm combining profit with compassion

To save young boys and girls from sexual exploitation

To paint pictures which move people

To touch people’s hearts through song

To pioneer a new category of bio science

To be a great surgeon to save and improve lives

To nurse people with compassion and joy

To give a dying partner the happiest and most fulfilling last months possible

To get traffic-calming measures at a local accident black spot

To help ex-prisoners live happy and useful lives back in societyTo give your children the best possible start

To change the carbon footprint of your community

To change the carbon footprint of the world

And so on.

The crucial thing is to define a purpose that works for you.

(Click here to return to the Living Legacy template.)


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