You may already have a clear idea for the area of your life in which you want to make a difference. If you do, that’s great and you can skip this bit.

If not, here are some of the domains from which you can select the one in which to make your difference (make your own choice – don’t worry if it’s not in this list – this is just to give you an idea of what’s available):

Artistic – will it involve your life as a painter/musician/dancer/photographer/scultptor/engraver/collector/director/cook/flower arranger/designer/decorator or whatever is your chosen medium of artistic expression?

Work – will it involve your work as a director/manager/full or part time worker/leader/trade unionist/entrepreneur or whatever role you do, or wish, to fulfill at work?

Home/Family – will it involve your husband/wife/partner/child/parent/relative/step relative, or someone you care about who needs your help or guidance or support?

Spiritual – will it involve your meditation/religion/faith/personal god or whatever your higher level of being that touches your soul?

Social  – will it involve your volunteering/community work/social service or whatever form of service you feel it is important to engage in?

Sport/Games – will it involve your performance, or your support for your support for your sport/game or fitness activity?

Physical Health – will you be seeking to improve/transform your health, in order to benefit yourself and your loved ones?

Mental Health – will it involve a healthier lifestyle/personal development/escape from toxic friends or associates?

The choice is wide, which confirms how important it is to have focus.

(Click here to return to the Living Legacy template.)


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