What turns you on? Maybe it’s covered in the Domain you chose – do you want to be a gold medalist in your sport at the Olympics, encouraging others in your neighbourhood or country to take up the event?

Do you want to transform access to classical music for young people?

Or create a charity for turning round the lives of young offenders?

You may feel the need to care and support someone close to you who’s going through a mental of physical crisis so their situation is transformed by feeling valued and loved.

Maybe it’s not covered by domains. You may get a real buzz volunteering to look after old people, or visiting long term prisoners.

Conservation and climate change may be one of your very hot buttons. You may want to work on the front end – the geo-politics of preventing it. Or on the receiving end – the families and communities devastated by floods, desertification or hurricanes.

Does the existence of global poverty in a world of historically undreamed of global wealth make you angry enough to commit to doing something about it?

As you’ll discover later in the process of developing the Make a Difference Mindset you may need a life-changing event, or a personal jolt to you normal living pattern/comfort zone, to produce an external Stimulus. This will create a hot button that until then had only been lukewarm.

Don’t be concerned if Hot Button activity in your life is not immediately obvious. It may be discovered over time. If you are a person of goodwill and keen to serve – it will come.

Once it reveals itself, it will permeate your life with a sense of meaning, and will have been worth waiting for.

(Click here to return to the Living Legacy template.)


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