FREE BOOK: Living Legacy


If you’re serious about making a difference, but you’re not sure what to do or how to do it, here’s a fantastic free resource. We call this your Living Legacy.  There are nine steps, and each step takes you deeper and further along the route to making a difference.

Download your free Living Legacy workbook here!

(If you’re on an iphone or tablet, download the free Adobe app here to be able to fill it in).

Alternatively, there is a slightly fuller version with more resources below, where you can take out a notebook, and start writing under the following headings:

Getting Clear

STEP 1 : MY VALUES. What are the beliefs and behaviours which are important to me? (See the values map here)

STEP 2 : MY DOMAIN. Which is the area of my life where I want to make a difference? (Get help here)

STEP 3 : ACTIVITIES. Which skills and talents will I use? (Get help here)

Getting Sharp

STEP 4 : MY PURPOSE. What is the difference I am going to make? (See here for help on defining your purpose and here for thoughts on the scale of difference you want to make)

STEP 5 : MY CONCEPT. How can I create a vehicle to bring my ideas to life? (See here for tips)

STEP 6 : MY STIMULUS.  What is driving me to do this? (Click here for help on discovering it)

Getting Going

It’s vital to understand your Imperative in order to Get Going. See here for some important background thoughts on that, and here for some examples. Other interesting considerations can be found here on creating value for others (and how easy it is to destroy value).

STEP 7 : RESOURCES. What help or resources will I need? (The book will help of course. And click here for thoughts on the Courage you’ll need).

STEP 8 : MY ACTION PLAN. What will I do and when?

STEP 9 : MAKING IT HAPPEN.  How can I keep going?  (Get lots of help here and here)


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