The Editors

Tim Drake and Charles Kingsmill have worked together on various projects since giving up their conventional day jobs in business a decade or so ago. They share a passion for releasing the suppressed talents and energies of individuals in their place of work and their lives. Available for talks, they’ve also developed seminars and workshops to see people’s potential fulfilled. Email to get in touch.

Tim’s main centre of activity is delivering keynote speeches on developing leadership as a value rather than a function. He runs Chief Executive Think Tanks in various industries. Charles runs projects and workshops for major institutions to help them evolve more effective business strategies, and to develop the productivity and humanity of their employees.

Now they are working together to bring the Make a Difference Mindset to life – a happy alignment of their values and vision. They have jointly developed the themes of Tim’s book “I Want to Make a Difference”, into a one day seminar.

Research shows that more and more people now believe that personal fulfilment is more important than owning things. Fairness, justice and saving the planet for the next generation are more important than a bigger house. People yearn to reach out, help others, and make a difference. They want a meaningful life.

All too often, though, they don’t know where to start. The “I Want to Make a Difference” seminar helps individuals to explore their high-octane values, and to discover who they are, and what their purpose is. It’s based on helping people use their brains to discover their hearts.

Your organisation can harness people’s desire for meaning to move up a gear and achieve your vision. From CEO to the most junior employee, most organisations are peopled by individuals who want to contribute with enthusiasm to worthwhile aims. Tim and Charles, through their speeches and workshops, help people at all levels achieve this.

tim-drake-do-lectures-280x157TIM DRAKE has been frustrated his whole life because he has felt he has a lot more potential than he is realizing. He has achieved things here and there – playing rugby for Cambridge, co-founding and running several companies, founding and chairing CEO Think Tanks, and co-founding a couple of charities – but he has always felt he is still just a promising youngster.

Speaking to business audiences around Europe, he gets the strong feeling that probably the majority of people feel, like him, that they have more to give. They are looking for ways to bring more of themselves to their work, their family, their friends, and society in general.

CHARLES KINGSMILL’s earlier career included work throughout the US and Europe.  For ten years he was the head of European Strategy Development at Mars, responsible for developing winning portfolio strategies for many famous brands in over twenty national markets. He has also been a Finance Director, Systems Director and Corporate Planner. He has a Maths degree from Oxford University and is a Chartered Accountant.

Charles is most passionate not about numbers or money, but about making the most of human potential. All his work is directed fundamentally at helping people to become more fulfilled and more passionate about what they do. He has organised countless workshops, seminars and training events, all designed to boost the skills and motivation of the participants.


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