This blog is made up of a monthly piece from a variety of contributors. Here’s a little more detail on each one.


TIM DRAKE : Speaking to business audiences around Europe, he gets the strong feeling that probably the majority of people feel, like him, that they have more to give. They are looking for ways to bring more of themselves to their work, their family, their friends, and society in general.

His recent book You Can Be as Young as You Think, co-written with Chris Middleton, explores how Young Brained attitudes and behaviours can make you more effective at living your life. Old Brained people are grumpy, risk averse, uncreative and negative. But by becoming a Young Brain, you can become more enthusiastic, imaginative, energetic, and positive. And have a lot more fun.


Charles KingsmillCHARLES KINGSMILL’s earlier career included work throughout the US and Europe.  For ten years he was the head of European Strategy Development at Mars, responsible for developing winning portfolio strategies for many famous brands in over twenty national markets. He has also been a Finance Director, Systems Director and Corporate Planner. He has a Maths degree from Oxford University and is a Chartered Accountant.

Charles is most passionate not about numbers or money, but about making the most of human potential. All his work is directed fundamentally at helping people to become more fulfilled and more passionate about what they do. He has organised countless workshops, seminars and training events, all designed to boost the skills and motivation of the participants.


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